Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now that's a big baby!

I didn't believe it when the doctors told me that Grace weighed 9.3 pounds at birth. I distinctly remember my first thought being "Why are they lying to me about how much my baby weighs?!?!"

When I saw the scale and realized they weren't joking, my next thought was "Oh my god! That means the next one will weigh 10 pounds!"

Apparently, a 10 pound baby is nothing in Indonesia. For those of you who saw this on the Today show, forgive me. It is still boggling my mind!

Note: Matt Lauer's joke is NOT funny!

If anyone can find a picture of the mother, I would LOVE to see it! I did find this for your viewing pleasure.


A baby boy weighing 15.7 lb was born in Poland. Kacper Skulska, who was more than TWO FEET TALL, was born to Bozena Skulska, 44, in Szczecin. The mother was 44!!!!

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EntertainingMom said...

the burrito comment was pretty funny tho! What a beautiful baby Grace was!