Monday, September 28, 2009

Nine Month Appointment

Grace had her nine month well baby check-up today. All went well! She weighed in at 17.1 lbs (on the light side - 15% percentile) and 28" long (on the tall side - 58%). Still bean pole status and while I am a bit alarmed that she doesn't pack on the pounds quite as easily as her dear old mom, there is good news! Her brain...I mean her head circumference is huge! - 45 cm (75%).

As I hate to post anything without an accompanying photo, (I didn't feel like busting out the camera when Grace got her first flu shot for obvious reasons), here are a few from this past weekend.

I had put Grace's hair up in the cutest was adorable...but she pulled it out just before I went to snap a few pictures. While it is a mohawk only a mother could adore, I admit, I do love it! Good thing I'm her mother!

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andrea said...

that picture is ADORABLE!!

I just found your blog - love it!
And I have to say, I had a biggish baby when she was born who is now a bean pole also!