Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boise Birthday Bonanza

We made it to Boise for my dad's birthday last weekend. It was a good thing too!
We enjoyed...

:::LOTS of great food:::

We had traditional Shish Kabobs.
Grilled veggies and marinated lamb. A true Armenian tradition. YUM!

Dad requested Strawberry Shortcake - his fav!
But strawberries are out of season and the few that we could find didn't look so good. So per Dad's request, we improvised. Voila! Peach Shortcake.

It was delish!

:::LOTS of good wine:::

...which lead to LOTS of good conversation...

...which lead to LOTS more drinking...

:::and a little R&R.:::

This was the first weekend Court and John Andrew had off since May!
I think they were both really grateful for Dad's birthday.

I love capturing firsts on film. And there was a first over the course of the birthday weekend. No, Grace didn't take her first steps or say "Mama, pass me the cake!" Ryan experienced his first Cuban cigar!

Some lighter, huh? :)

After a crash course with Dad,
Ryan looks like he's been smoking stogies his whole life!

Did I mention we drank A LOT of wine?

The biggest and best surprise of the whole weekend? John Andrew and his puppy, Copper, were able to join us. We didn't tell my mom or my dad about their attendance until we rolled into town.

They were the icing on the cake...or in this case, the whip cream.

The cook was not forgotten! She did a fantastic job!

Everyone had a great time.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Here's to many, many more.

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