Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hawaii was nothing short of amazing. We had a great time and feel so lucky we were able to sneak away for a week.

Some highlights
  • Time Time together - as a family. Just the three of us. Time to do nothing. Time to sit. Time to think. Time to sleep (well, not much sleep happened but that's ok). Time to walk on the beach. Time to read (or in my case - listen) to a book.
  • A Much Needed Massage For some reason, I wouldn't allow myself to splurge on a message while I was pregnant. Too much to buy for the baby I guess...and I felt guilty spending money on myself when the baby needed so much. No longer my friends. Mommy guilt is ova! (At least while on vacation. It returned once the plane landed in Seattle.)
  • Food...and LOTS of it! We ate fresh fruit and tons and tons of fish...and steak and ice cream...did I mention Mud Pie...and ice cream? The food was glooorious!
  • Whales From the lanai (that's fancy Hawaiian talk for "porch") of our condo we could see whales breaching. It was amazing! They truly are majestic animals. And to be able to see them from the comfort of our condo was even more spectacular. It's like being able to watch the 4th of July firework display from your house instead of having to deal with thousands of crazy, annoying people. I guess some people enjoy the crowds...like at Disneyland or the fair...not me. Country life is obviously rubbing off on me!
  • A Dip in the Ocean For most, a trip to Hawaii would obviously include a dip in the ocean and probably wouldn't make the highlights list unless they went surfing or were attacked by a shark. However, I am not most people. I do not like the ocean. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE looking at the ocean. I love walking on beaches and I love going on tropical vacations. I'd MUCH rather hit up the beach than go skiing. I just don't like physically entering the water. I don't just discriminate against oceans. My boycott includes all bodies of water...lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks...where I can't see the bottom. Where does this insane (as Court like to call it) fear come from you ask? Easy. JAWS. The movie. I am really afraid of killer, man-eating, sharks. Which is funny because the one time I've been in the ocean as an adult was in Belize when we went snorkeling in Shark/Ray Ally. There, I jumped into the ocean where sharks, sting rays and sea turtles were buzzing all around. Go figure. (Ladies...this was prior to being engaged so I couldn't let all my crazy out just yet. I had to keep that nicely tucked away until safely down the aisle. On the honeymoon I didn't go in the ocean. Not once!) I don't want to pass on this fear to Grace and so I jumped in the ocean on this trip. Honestly, I don't see why everyone looooooooooves the ocean so much. It tastes salty, you can't see anything, it's cold...am I missing something here? Seriously, what's all the fuss? Anyway, hopefully this is a step in the right direction to conquer my fear or at least table it long enough for Grace to come to her own conclusions about swimming in the ocean.
  • Sunrise on Haleakala Well, not quite sunrise. The sun actually came up as we were about half way up the mountain. We didn't think it would take over an hour to get to the top...and we definitely weren't expecting it to be SO cold up there! It was beautiful nonetheless.
  • Milestone Grace accomplished her first technical roll over. It wasn't at all pretty but she did in fact roll over. It took her about 20 minutes. First, she rolled onto her side. A few minutes later she swung over her feet and then, after what felt like an hour, she twisted her torso around and lifted her head. Mission accomplished! She only did it once, but it was nice that Court and I were both there to witness it.
  • Friends Another highlight was seeing my pregnant friend Cecily. She is a friend from college and she looked amazing. Some people just look and feel really good while pregnant. She is one of them. I, on the other hand, am not!
  • Dance Party Our condo came fully equipped. It even had some beats from the 80's. Don't worry. We put those to good use!

So what could I possibly complain about after such a fantastic week in Maui?

Just one complaint and this is legitimate. I found a cockroach. A rather large one. In the toilet. After I finished using it.

All in all...we had a whale of a time!

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