Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary Blog!

It's been a big year! A lot has happened and a lot has changed. For starters, you were initially called "W Family Blog". Yawn. Yawn. Boring. Obviously, my "pregnant" brain was preoccupied with morning sickness to come up with something more clever.

Then, as the morning sickness wore off, you became "Home Place" - named after the farm on which we live. Still not extremely creative but at least we are getting somewhere.

Recently, you made the transition to "Home Sweet Home Place." Still not the most original, but it accurately sums up our life on the farm. Life is truly sweet and home is...well, on Home Place. So there you go!

Besides a year of blogging...and renaming the blog, there has also been a lot of happenings that spurred a laugh or triggered a tear or two. Obviously the big ones like having a baby and turning 20...I mean 30...rank high on the list. But there were other moments that are worth taking a second look at. If you will, I'd like to take a minute to take a look at the past year. A montage if you will. Who could forget?...

Katie's Growing Belly

20 weeks

Halloween 2008
7.5 months pregnant - Didn't think I could get any bigger...

2 weeks before giving birth - 55 lbs. +
Who knew there was a 9 lb. 3 oz beautiful baby girl in there?

Operation Rescue and Release Skunk

(Not that you could forget but that is my mom, brother and brother's friends...)

Taking Halloween Out on the Dogs

Baby Showers

Bad Hair Cuts

Prepping the Nursery


Court's "Run-In" with the Crib


An Obese Dog

A Bathroom Remodel



An Eager New Father

Grace Elizabeth

First Visitors
First Christmas...

The Sneeze

First Visits with...

Great Grandma Margaret

Uncle Tygh and Aunt Sarah

Having your mom being mistaken for your sister

and finally, who could forget...

Thank you so much for taking the time to tune into our blog. Hopefully, we can keep you laughing and entertained for another year. (With this cast of characters {see above} I don't see how we can disappoint!) Stay tuned!

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