Thursday, April 30, 2009


On Tuesday, I loaded up the 'Burban and headed to Boise.

[Side note: Remember when I told you that we needed a bigger car to haul stuff....well, I wasn't lying. Making the trek with me to Boise was Grace, (Grandma needed her fix!), Lindey and Lucky (my loyal subjects), Kiwi (the parrot) and Mia Kitty (Molly's cat). Honorary mentions go to the running stroller, the regular stroller, Grace's travel swing, her play mat, her suitcase, my suitcase, and our dirty clothes. Packing light truly is a gift...that I don't possess! Thus, the 'Burban!]

As it is the end of April, I figured the only weather we could possibly encounter was heavy rain. WRONG! It was snowing in the Blue Mountains and only 28 degrees. I persevered through the weather pulling off at an exit to tend to Grace's needs. But after I had taken care of Grace and tried to get back on the highway, I discovered that there was no on-ramp to east bound I-84. The exit turned into a two lane, back country road that if followed for over 30 miles would take you to to the unibomber's bunker...I mean, La Grande. If I turned around, I would have to get back on the highway and head West towards Pendleton - 45 minutes in the opposite direction! Are you kidding me?! What kind of an off-ramp doesn't have an on-ramp right next to it?!?! Has anyone in their ENTIRE lives seen an off-ramp not accompanied by an on-ramp right next to it?? It is like the Gods all align on the days I decide to drive to Boise and are out to get me! I ended up backtracking (one of my biggest pet peeves) almost all the way to the snow! (Lesson learned. When driving to Boise, don't pull off at the Meacham exit! In fact, just don't pull over. Grace be warned!) Needless to say, it was a LONG drive made even longer by having to pull the car over several times for a feeding, a diaper change and some good old fashioned jumping.

That leads me to part I of our Big Day! Grace loves to jump. She can do it by the hour...and in fact, has, much to my dismay. I keep reading about how babies sleep 12-17 hours a day...but not this baby. She probably jumps 12-17 hours a day. Now when I say jump, I obviously don't mean she is standing on her own two feet and launching herself in the air. No. She needs someone to hold her upright...but the launching, she does all on her own.

At Grace's four month appointment, much to my surprise, the doctor ok'd the usage of a jumperoo. I had heard from many a mom, that much like letting your kid run with scissors while his shoes are untied all while eating candy in front of the television, a jumperoo was pure evil, stunting your child's growth and development. According to our pediatrician, that is not the case. I didn't need to hear more! Wanting and needing the use of two hands for more than 15 minutes throughout the day, the second I got to Boise, I purchased what I now consider the Secret to Mommy's Sanity. Best money I've spent in years. This video was shot seconds after putting her into the jumperoo.

WARNING: If you don't have children...or for that matter, a relative named Grace Elizabeth, this could be as entertaining as watching grass grow. I apologize.

As if the Jumperoo wasn't enough to tip the scales from average day to BEST DAY EVER, we decided to get crazy and introduce rice cereal. With my mom at my side showing me what to do, we have now ventured into the world of solid foods. After just a few spoonfuls, she looked like she'd been eating from a spoon her whole life. (Good to see she does have some of my genes after all!) WARNING: Again, this video is probably boring for most but I promise the dialogue is captivating.

With all the jumping and eating, I was SURE this kid would sleep through the night. Let's just say it was Big Day...but not THE Big Day!

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Molly said...

Auntie knows best...she was just STARVING!!!! num-num-nummy...down the hatch.