Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Snowmaggedon 2008 trapped Molly in Seattle. She was supposed to fly to Boise on Monday, December 22 but when it snows in Seattle the city shuts down - literally. No buses, no taxis, no work. It is literally a winter wonderland. (The wonder part quickly diminishes though when you live atop a steep hill, like Molly, that becomes so icy there is a pile of cars at the bottom who have slid down and abandoned ship.)

Knowing she had a flight at 6 am on Monday and that more snow was expected, she got herself down to a hotel near the airport the day before. Her plan was to be close enough to the airport that she could just walk across the street to catch her flight and not be dependent on a taxi or a bus. She got herself to the airport - she drove herself - in the snow - which the people in my family REALLY don't like doing. She spent the night in the hotel only to wake up to her flight being canceled with little to no possibility of being rescheduled for a flight before Christmas. Needless to say she was bummed. My parents would not be spending Christmas with Molly and Molly would be spending Christmas by herself.

As I mentioned above, neither Molly nor I like to drive in the snow. We've both had bad experiences. Let's just say cars ended up in places and positions that cars aren't supposed to ever be in while we were driving in the snow. So there was no way Molly was going to make the 3 hour trek to our house over the pass which can be dicey in the winter.

Enter Court to save the day. Hearing that Molly would be spending Christmas alone, he hopped in his truck, drove to Seattle, picked up her and her cat and headed home. A round trip of about 7 hours!! What a hero!! Molly was on her way to spend Christmas with us.

But Christmas means presents and all her presents were in Idaho. The gift from Court, Grace and me was also in Idaho!! I immediately called my parents and had them ship her gifts. They were expected to arrive on Christmas Eve - but not guaranteed! The weather had been messing with deliveries from UPS and FedEx so we were all holding our breath!

Molly after the trek over the mountain pass.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived. Lucky for Grace, we had several costumes...I mean outfits for her to wear because she exploded in just about all of them throughout the day.

Molly's presents finally arrived at a little after 6 pm on Christmas Eve. I had been sweating bullets all day!

Christmas morning was marvelous. The four of us woke up and opened stockings, ate breakfast and then dove into the mountain of presents under the tree. But the best part, without a doubt, was holding our healthy, beautiful Grace on Christmas morning (and no longer being preggers, of course!!)

Court in his new red Christmas sweater. Grace in her fancy Christmas dress and the one outfit that kinda fits when you strategically place a baby over your belly!

Christmas dinner was at Dave and Priscilla's. Grace slept most of the evening in her car seat...but even asleep she looked good. Note the shoes.

Now if only she had a matching handbag she truly would be her mother's daughter!! We'll have to work on that for next year!

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