Friday, April 18, 2008

Missing Sonoma

Now that I am reconnecting with old friends from "home" via myspace and facebook, I go through periods of time where I really miss Sonoma. Some of my friends still live in Sonoma and are raising their kids there. Their kids go to Prestwood Elementary, where I went, they eat at the same old restaurants and are enjoying California weather. Some days, I feel like I never lived there. Other days, it feels like I just left. When I go back, I can't imagine leaving. I never understood when my parents told me how lucky I was to grow up in Sonoma because as a kid, I thought it was the most boring place on Earth. What did I care about wine country and vineyards?? I wasn't old enough to drink. I remember standing in line for a movie at the Sebastiani theater and a couple from Miami, Florida telling my friends and I how lucky we were to live in such a great place. We thought the couple was crazy. But the crazy couple was right...and so were my parents.
Just missing Sonoma at the moment. It will pass.

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