Thursday, April 10, 2008

Battle Plan

So I struggled all day on how to share the news with my parents. Ideally, I would like to tell them in person. I am planning to visit them at the end of the month but Court isn't able to go with me. This is something I feel we should share together. Plus, I don't think I can wait until the end of the month to tell them!!

We did a lot of brainstorming and decided to a buy webcam for my parents, as well as one for our computer at home. That way, we can tell them over the webcam "in person" and they can be a part of the pregnancy - even from afar! A win-win! In the note I sent with the camera, I told them to open the camera, set it up immediately and to call us via The camera should arrive sometime on April 11. We'll see if they will be able to pull it off!

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