Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tree Love

We call the house that Court and I live in "Home Place." It is called Home Place because this is where the farm started in...oh...a long time ago. One of the best things about Home Place are these huge maple trees that are probably 100 years old. The good news is that they are beautiful and provide shade. The bad news is that they are dying.

Apparently, topping trees is a death sentence for maple trees. It causes rot to form in and the rot never goes away. Our trees were inappropriately topped about 20 years ago so our trees our in the process of dying.

To make matters worse, the wind whips through here every evening. This obviously isn't a good combination with rotting, dying trees. So I've got the tree guys out here today doing there best to save our trees. It doesn't look good though. Christian, our tree guy, said he was going to be making some BIG cuts and clearing out a lot of the dead branches. So sad! Not a lot of good news happening this week. Lindey more than likely needs surgery. Our trees are coming down. I guess on the bright side, we will have lots of firewood come this winter.

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