Friday, May 30, 2008

The Blogger is Back!

For the last month or so, I have been down and out with morning sickness. I was not able to leave my bed, let alone the house and I didn't think the thoughts that were going through my head were "share-worthy." No one wants to hear how sick someone is over and over again and believe me I would have sounded like a broken record stuck on the sound of puking. I was miserable. The doctor tried putting me on three different nausea medications but none worked.

My parents even invited me to Mexico where tropical weather and ocean breezes would surely make me feel better. RIght? Wrong! More lying in bed and vomiting around the clock. Luckily, I was able to endure both plane rides without any embarrassing "incidents".

However, the day I got back home, (which also happened to be the day I ran out of my meds), a new level of HORRIBLE morning sickness began. I wasn't able to keep any food or liquids down for over 48 hours. When I would rinse my mouth out after a spew, my body would ache to drink the water because I was so thirsty. But I knew, that if I drank the water, the whole violent cycle would start all over again. The doctor got a bit worried about dehydration...I lost 4 lbs...and had me head to the hospital for IV fluids and meds.

Court was out of town on business while all this was happening. So while I was violently vomiting and sleeping on the bathroom floor so I would make it to the toilet in time, I was all alone. There is nothing worse than being sick by yourself!

Since the hospital visit, I have started to feel better. I wouldn't say I am 100% yet BUT I haven't thrown up in 48 hours so things are starting to go my way!

Now that my suicidal thoughts have subsided, I can officially pick up the pace again with the blog. So you will be hearing a lot from me over the course of the next six months!!

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