Saturday, May 31, 2008


Beside the constant drag of morning sickness, I don't feel pregnant. If it weren't for the miracle of science I would not know I was pregnant. Which on one hand is good, because I have stopped drinking but on the other hand is bad because I have stopped drinking. (My bulging stomach and moon face might also give it away but I think I could easily mind-over-matter myself to keep those thoughts at bay - especially if I was still drinking.)

Anyway, I had my 12 week appointment yesterday. Court came with me. We met the doctor (a man -which still creeps me out on some level) and all was well. The doctor said everything seemed normal and on schedule. He predicted a due date of December 13.

You know, for normally being such a "planner", I totally screwed up with the birth of my first child. No matter if the baby is born early, on time, or late, his or her birthday will forever suck! If it is too early in December, it's birthday will be circa mine. (Us Sags don't want any competition on or near our BIG day.) If it is born on December 13, it's birthday will fall on Friday the 13th and I am sorry for those who like the number 13, but I don't. It sucks. If the baby is born late, it's birthday will fall on or near Christmas. Nothing could be worse in the land of scheduling birthdays than having a birthday on Christmas....except of course having your birthday on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there....or induce labor so we can avoid a birthday crisis! hahah

Anyway, the big and exciting event of the appointment was hearing the heartbeat. I have read in books that most women feel that hearing the heartbeat for the first time is magical and they automatically become all weepy and emotional. Court definitely thought it was magical and emotional but I, on the other hand, felt nothing but confirmation that there was definitely something in my stomach. I mean yes it was crazy to hear the SUPER rapid heartbeat but nothing worth weeping over. I mean it was no Steel Magnolias moment. So hopefully at the 20th week appointment when we see the baby on the ultrasound for the first time I will have a more "normal" reaction. Finding out the sex will send me over the edge I think because, either way, I am scared to death of little girls and little boys!

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