Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day {2013}

We were in Boise getting ready for the long drive home but I couldn't let this fun little holiday pass by without doing a little something special. 

First things first. Wake up sleepyhead!
Charlotte was charged with this duty and she did a great job.
Grace woke up with a smile!

Once downstairs, they discovered that our friendly leprechaun had a fun scavenger hunt waiting for them. Each shamrock had a clue* telling the girls where they would find the next clue and at the end of all of the clues was their pot of gold.

So let's get started!

That little leprechaun took us all over the house!

Upstairs, downstairs and all throughout.

Downstairs one last time! To the laundry room!

Just as promised...little pots of gold! 

Filled with a few surprises!

With the conclusion of the scavenger hunt came our good-byes to Grandma and Grandpa. 
Time to hit the road and head home!
Luckily, we'll be back in two weeks for Easter!

* clues can be found here

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Julia said...

Oh, how fun! The photo of the girls walking down the stairs is absolutely precious!!!