Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chicks 'N Bunnies: Behind the Scenes

We hustled down to Boise last Friday for our annual Chicks N Bunnies photo session!

The girls were super excited.

We could barely contain them in the "dressing room."

They kept sneaking around the corner trying to get a glimpse of 
all the baby animals!

I think Grandpa was excited too because he got to tag along and watch all the fun!
The girls were so gentle with the animals and Grace even got to feed a goat.
The biggest challenge was trying to get individual pictures of each girl. Charlotte wanted nothing to do with waiting on the sidelines. So it was a bit of a zoo - pun intended - behind the scenes!
Luckily, Charlotte didn't have to wait too long and was back in action before too long!

Dying to see how the photos turned out. It is always amazing to see what you see during the actual photo session and what the photographer creates with her camera...and her computer.

After we worked up an appetite canoodling the baby animals, we grabbed some lunch.

Grace INSISTED on sitting in between Grandma and Grandpa even though it was a tight squeeze!
It was the perfect photo op - until Grace decided to go 'pirate' on me.
I took 10 photos and ALL of them she pulled a pirate. 
What a goof ball!

After a quick trip to the coolest candy store, we adjourned our outing and headed home to prepare not only for our long drive home, but hopefully from a little visit from our friendly leprechaun!

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