Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Are you like avid blog reader? I love reading blogs - all kinds of blogs. Some relating to home decorating, others to crafty endeavors and still others just sharing their stories.

I follow the blogs I read in Google reader. This way, I can log into one site and see all my favorite blogs in one spot! No more going to each individual site to see if there is a new post! (I know for some of you this is old news...but need to catch up some folks to 21st century technology! Court, I'm talking to you!)

Well, if you have been living under a rock, Google Reader is going away. Apparently, Google is going to focus its resources into fewer areas (i.e. talking shoes that motivate you to work out....yeah right! Like that is going to work!) and the first thing to hit the cutting block is Google Reader.

Anyway, the new blog reader of choice is Bloglovin so I'm letting you all know about it. While I've been following blogs for ages I've never checked to see if mine was followable. I don't know how I let this little detail slip through the cracks...and for so long! Well, I finally did today and guess what! Some setting I had checked four years ago made my blog not followable! Soooo I quickly changed all that!

Please add Home Sweet Home Place to your favorites. In the last year, as the lives of my girls have gotten busier and my range of interests has broadened, I feel like the blog has taken a nose dive in the entertainment department. In between all the hours I'm logging in the car, refereeing whose turn it is to pick the next movie and coming up with something to eat every night, I plan on giving this blog some much needed love - which will hopefully translate into laughter and fun for you. Or tears. Or curse words. Eliciting any emotion will do. I am setting the bar super low!

Click the link below to follow along. Bloglovin even has a app so you can stay up to date on your reading wherever you are! I love that!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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