Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Party {2012}

Today was Grace's pumpkin party at school!
I got to be the parent volunteer today which was fun - because I got to help plan the pumpkin party - but I also got to observe Grace in her school setting for the first time!

She was very quiet. She listened and did everything the teacher said.
I did notice that a lot of the other kids were "friends" because their parents were friends.
So it broke my heart a little to see Grace sitting by herself while the other kids were horsing around and playing. I can't help but see myself in her. 

Grace got to be the flag holder for the flag salute and she even introduced me to her class. 

After several educational activities - writing, coloring, cutting, etc - it was finally time to party!
The moms brought SO much food!
Pudding that looked like Frankenstein, gummy worms in Oreo crumbs that looked like dirt, popcorn balls, just to name a few. I am not kidding. There was SO much food!! So much of it was really cute or really clever or really realistic looking. Unfortunately, most got thrown away. 

Some of the kids were scared of some of the items but most got to town eating their special pumpkin party snacks without hesitation.

Grace didn't eat anything. To say she is picky...well that is an understatement!

Overall, the pumpkin party was a success!

Grace and her classmates. I still need to learn LOTS of names!!

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