Thursday, October 11, 2012

Missouri {2012}

I've been trying to get to Missouri for years!
Yep...that's what I said!

Missouri. For YEARS!
One of my closest childhood friends moved there almost a decade ago. When a friend of Court's got married in Columbia, MO (same town where my friend lives) we couldn't wait to go!
And then morning sickness hit with a vengeance. 
This was back when I was pregnant with Grace. 
Then when my friend was in neighboring Oregon so I planned on visiting her in Portland.
Morning sickness hit again - this time with Charlotte - and I was unable to go.
So after doing all the math, the last time I saw my friend was in 2005 - at my wedding!!
It's been nearly seven years!
So when Court told me he had a meeting in St. Louis, I jumped at the chance to tag along with the girls!

And tag along we did!!

I really didn't know what to expect about Missouri. I think I pictured tumbleweed and twang.
But boy was I wrong! 
It was really pretty. Clean and lots of traditional architecture.
I think the first word of I think of when I think of Missouri is trees!
Lots and lots of trees. Boy did we time it right with the changing of the leaves.

We all stayed at the same hotel and when we were all finally checked-in and ready to meet up, we discovered our rooms were NEXT DOOR to each other in the hotel!
When does that ever happen by chance?!?!?!?

This was the first time meeting my friend's darling daughter so
I just had to bring her something REALLY special!
I made her a doll house tote!

Then, it was off to dinner where we got our own private room!
The girls could all play and the parents could just relax. It was the perfect setup!

Even with all that space, they just wanted to be in the stroller with their iPads!

The next morning, we did a little sleeping, a little eating and a little swimming!
Then it was off to the zoo!

See what I mean about the fall foliage!

We rented a double stroller but all three skinny minnies fit in it! 
They didn't all stay in it, but it worked great!

We came upon this elephant just in time to see her doing some tricks!
It was pretty neat! The girls LOVED it!

No trip to the zoo is complete without a stop in the gift shop!
All the girls were treated to a stuffed animal of their choosing.
As you can see Grace is just thrilled about it!

It was so special catching up with my friend, finally seeing where she now calls home (kind of) and having our children meet!
It was also a lot of fun watching our girls all play together. Grace and E really hit it off! Grace has already asked when we are going to see her again!

It all went by too fast and in all that whirlwind of toddler activity and reminiscing we didn't get any pictures of the adults. 
I guess that means we are just going to have to go back and visit again soon!

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Julia said...

What a fun trip! My childhood friend lives in California and I miss her so much. It's so great when we get to visit, but it's never often enough.