Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ferry Ride

Our first ferry ride as a family of four.

Seriously, what happened to my baby?
There is no baby left. She is all toddler.
God, that was fast! 

She's ready for the rain!

Our trusty ride across the water.

We played it up as tourists.
We even posed for pictures with the penguin.
Court is a trooper.

Proof that we actually did this.
Behold... the Emerald City!

Still don't believe me? 
Ok here's the REAL proof.
The space needle.

The girls enjoyed our jaunt and we really thought we'd sufficiently worn them out for the long car ride home.
We even had an omen that all was going to go well - a rainbow!

Alas, Charlotte didn't sleep a wink and once Grace woke up from her VERY short nap all hell broke lose.
But the last 45 minutes of screaming in the car was worth it.
We had them fed and bed within the hour of getting home which left lots of time to finish off the weekend with silence a glass (or three) of wine!
Great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte does look like such a" big girl". They grow too fast. Beautiful photos of Seattle. We plan to visit there someday. It sounds like a beautiful and exciting city.