Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh So Thankful

I am thankful - always thankful - for my family, my friends and my health.

But sometimes it takes a smack in the face from reality to violently shake you back to the present

to REALLY be thankful.

I learned yesterday that a former colleague, friend and co-worker passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. He was only a year or two older than me and is survived by a wife and children.

My heart breaks for his family. I empathize with his wife and the tailspin she awoke to find herself in.
And the children. Just tears for the children. I can't even imagine.

Then, of course, I stop and wonder...
What if...? 

More so than ever, I find myself thankful. Thankful for this day. This breath.
It confirms and re-emphasizes that we need to live. To REALLY live. Not just go through the motions.
Because you just never know.

It also confirms that I am right where I am supposed to be
doing just what I am supposed to be doing.

 I hope you all 
live. laugh. love
a little more today.

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