Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

The fireworks are stashed in the guest house with care

with hopes that darkness soon will be 'hare.'

The weather is perfect - warm but not blazin'

the girls in red and white both look amazin'!

 We went to the parade for Charlotte's first Independence Day

and Grace took advantage of the princess castle where she could have jumped all day!

Dad's day was made when he found his dream car

 Looks like he'll be saving his pennies for a looong time in a jar!

No tears, no tantrums, nothing of the sort...
Hope you have a safe and festive fourth!


Jody said...

What did the girls think of fireworks? Kendry had a love/hate relationship. They were a little loud for his taste, but he loved the colors. We had to watch some of it from indoors to reduce the noise for him. Next year I'm sure he'll be ready to set some off him self (in true boy fashion).

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos! I wish we had your nice warm weather. It's so hot and humid here on the east coast.


Home Sweet Home Place said...

@ know the funny thing? All of us were asleep by 'fireworks time!" I think we bit off a little more than we could chew. I figure we have plenty of years to fight the crowds to watch the firework shows. Maybe next year! I am sure Kendry will be ALL over them next year! No fear!!
@ Julia...This weather is unusually mild. Great for watching parades. Not so good for farmers! :)