Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blueberry Daze 2011

What a difference a year makes!!
Last year, Grace, Charlotte and I all attended the Blueberry Daze Festival BUT
Grace was too young to participate in most of the activities. She was 18 months old and Charlotte was still in my tummy with three months left to brew!
This year was quite different!!

Upon arrival, we warmed up with the petting zoo!
They had baby chicks, a calf and sheep.

The goats were REALLY friendly

the pigs were not.

Then it was off to the races...Grace was old enough to ride the ponies!! Yee haw!

(I thought the kids had to be three and was FULLY prepared to lie in order to get her on a horse but luckily she was the appropriate age so no sins were committed!)

Oh boy did she love that! I am still hearing about Wendy the pony!

After riding Wendy, she rode another horse named Henry.
Henry was a bit different...

Charlotte, not old enough to do anything, was pretty excited to watch her big sister undertake such big adventures!

What a trooper!

There is the little train...way out there in the U-Pick blueberry field.

Here they come on the home stretch...

They even had swings, live music, BBQ and stuff to buy!

A REALLY fun day!
What a fun way to ring in the 4th of July!!

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