Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ohhh Appy Day!

I am obsessed with technology and gadgets. Obsessed. So today, when I dashed into Petco for just a few necessities and it took longer for me to whip out my Petco club card than to track down the items I was purchasing, I announced to the sales person that they need to invent something so that you don't have to carry around all those blasted plastic cards for each and every store you go into.

This is just a fraction of the cards I carry around EVERY DAY in my purse! 
A fraction people!

Now as I was saying this, I realized I may have stumbled upon a million dollar idea - a game changer - strike that - a LIFE CHANGER - if you will. A wallet and purse free of club cards!!

Imagine a world where your bag wasn't so darn heavy, your neck and shoulders wouldn't ache alllll the time and you could actually find things in your bag at a moments notice!! I mean with this kind of technology a woman could actually use a purse for it's intended use - to look wicked awesome and make other women envious! No more time worrying about whether or not it is practical!! (Are the clouds parting where you are?!)

Thinking the teenager behind the counter was going to be just as excited about the possibilities of my invention, she said, "They do. It's an app on your iPhone."

WHAT? A game-changer app that I don't know about!?!?

She whipped out her iPhone 4 and told me it is called Key Ring Rewards. Then she added that it may not work with old phones and gave my iPhone 3GS a quick once over. (Grrrrrr).

Long story short, I found the app on iTunes and just downloaded it. I haven't tried it yet but when I do I will report back if it was a life changing as I had hoped.

Any other life changing apps I need to know about? Or better yet, any completely gorgeous and totally  impractical handbags I can't live without? 

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