Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Hurrah

This weekend is Memorial Day which to most signifies the beginning of summer. Vacations, warm weather, BBQs and lots of outdoor fun. For us, Memorial Day marks the start of the 'busy' season. Long hours on the farm for Court mean long hours for me versus with Grace and Charlotte. In a nutshell, summer is bittersweet.

So to put off thinking about the inevitable, we made one last weekend jaunt to good ole Sun Valley. As Charlotte is getting bigger (8 months old tomorrow!!! How can that be?!?!) and the weather was cooperative, we were able to get outside and take advantage of all that Idaho has to offer!

First up, put-your-face-in-the-hole pictures! Who can resist?

Clearly, Charlotte lacks her father's "enthusiasm!"

A hike with both kids in their respective backpacks.

The hike went so well we thought we'd walk to dinner with them in their backpacks.  All was fine with the kids. I was the weak link by wearing inappropriate shoes. Court had to capture the fact that I walked most of the way - to and fro - barefoot. My Tory Burch flats weren't cutting it. 
(Just one more reason why I need to go shoe shopping at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale that starts tomorrow!!! wooo hooo!!)

Before dinner, we hit up the bar and the girls found a Marilyn Monroe-esque air vent! It was quite entertaining and it allowed us to throw a few back - not easily accomplished with youngins around.

On our final night, we walked to dinner again. Only this time, we put both girls in the double stroller, I wore sneakers and we made some "roadie sodies"! Perfection!

The girls laughed and giggled the entire way to dinner. It was neat to see them interact. It won't be long until they are telling secrets and stealing sharing each other's clothes. 

Ok summer. We're ready for you...I think.

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