Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farming 101

It rained A LOT last night.
(Definition of A LOT: Aaaa Looooooottttttt)
It thundered too.

When the clouds parted for a few minutes this morning, we took Grace outside. All the rain from the night before ousted the worms in our front yard. A LOT of worms. 
See above definition...there were A LOT of worms!!

I was so thankful they were worms and not snakes.
Anyway, the appearance of SO many worms prompted Grace's first farming lesson.

Poop = fertilizer

Worms poop.
Poop is fertilizer.
Fertilizer grows crops.

Highly sophisticated stuff but she was enthralled - with the worms that is.
She definitely has the makings of a farmer's daughter.

In fact, the only thing we could do to get her away from 'worm highway' 
(what we dubbed the 20 foot path of worms along the edge of our grass) 
was fly a kite!

What a weekend! Kites AND worms!!
At bedtime, when I asked her what she wanted to talk about, instead of Snow White, she answered, "WORMS!"
A farmer's daughter indeed.


Jody said...

The sky in those kite photos looks almost unreal its so beautiful.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Jody you are so perceptive. The blue sky looks unreal because it is unreal. I doctored the photos because it was sooo dark and gloomy you could barely see Grace and the kite!! hehhehe