Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Week Outing

Charlotte had her two week - TWO WEEKS ALREADY!!- well baby check today and Grace had an appointment to get her seasonal flu shot. 

In honor of our outing, I put the ladies in their first (hate to say it - but probably not their last) matching outfits! How can you have two daughters and NOT put them in matching outfits?! How I ask?


Grace's attempt at smiling on command.

As for Charlotte's two week stats, I am happy to report that all that around-the-clock-nursing has paid off...

She is now 9.4 lbs. (73%) (the size Grace was when she was born!! How crazy is that?!), 21 inches (70%) long with a head circumference of 36.7 cm (62%). She is doing great!

As for Grace's flu shot, they ran out RIGHT BEFORE WE GOT THERE! Now I have to haul both kids back to the doctor's office when they have more flu shots. UGH! Annoying!

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Claudia Olsen said...

Super cute!