Friday, August 27, 2010

Ladies Man

We had the opportunity to attend a wedding this past weekend. It was a beautiful affair in the Yakima Valley and it was great to see a lot of our friends. Since having Grace we've shall I say?...not very social. It's amazing what an hours drive, a kid and a pregnancy will do to your social life! It was nice to get out. Court was in full effect - per usual! He was quite the ladies man!

Grace enjoyed showing off her endless dance moves.

At around 8:30 pm, Grace grabbed her blanket, laid it down on the ground and curled up. She didn't fall asleep but this was a huge step for Grace. Resting (or not jumping) BY CHOICE! While we probably could've let her lie there on the cold ground, we opted to be responsible and get her home to bed. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get any wedding cake. Oh the sacrifices we make for our kids, right?!
Thank you again Blackwoods for a lovely evening. Congratulations again!

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