Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Court's Birthday Surprise

For Court's birthday, we went and saw this guy in Sun Valley...

It was awesome! He performed with the Sun Valley Symphony so it was a bit of a different sound but if you can imagine him playing "The Thunder Rolls" with the full orchestra behind him....OMG!

He even surprised the crowd by performing a few songs with wife Trisha Yearwood. Talk about a voice! While Tim and Faith are still my favorite country couple... I must say, I was - quite literally - the BIGGEST fan in attendance!  People kept asking me if I was going to make it through the show. You can imagine their surprise, shock and horror when they learned I was still seven weeks out! On the other hand, had Charlotte made her debut a bit early, she might have been just the ticket to meeting Garth Brooks. We'd probably have to name her Brooke if that happened. Luckily, Charlotte is still holding strong. In fact, I think she has a personal vendetta against my spine and lower back these days. 

Happy Birthday Court! 

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The Gimlins said...

I am sooo jealous!! I was the biggest Garth fan back in the day; now I've moved on to Brad Paisley. Sounds like a very cool concert.