Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fair Time

Our little town puts on a fair every year. It is the most perfect fair. It is small, not crowded (you can park 20 feet from the entrance and there is no line to buy your $5 ticket!!) and has all the fixin's of a gigantic, over-the-top, calling-out-all-the-creepers-type-fair. Burgers, garlic fries, corn on the cob, elephant ears, pony rides, crap for the kids to buy and crap for the adults to buy. (Ok, I'm not going to lie. There's the occasional creeper too. A woman last night was wearing a raccoon tail. Somehow it was attached to a belt and hung down off her rear end like it was HER tail. Only at the fair right?) Anyway, I'm telling you, this fair is perfect! Oh one more thing, it has a rodeo! (Cowboys. Cowboys. Horses and more cowboys!!)  Like I said - PERFECTION!
We took Grace last night. We walked through all the 4H stalls and saw all the animals. Grace LOVED them! Cows, chickens, bunnies, goats and pigs. Not sure which was her favorite...oh wait...yes I do! She loved the tractors.

She's got farming in her blood, what can I say? Looks like I better learn how to drive a stick ASAP so I'm not left in the dust - literally.

See that little speck in the bottom right corner? That's Grace. 
Gives you an idea of how serious people take their tractors around here. 

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