Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prosser Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Every year, an Easter Egg Hunt is held the day before Easter in Prosser. This was Grace's first time participating in the hunt as last year she couldn't walk, crawl or situp!

We figured Grace would be competing against a lot of 'big kids' for the eggs so we decided to do a practice run beforehand. She quickly got the hang of it!

Off to Easter Egg Hunt we went dressed in our Easter finest - complete with Easter dress and Bunny Jacket. The other kids were in their ski clothes but I couldn't resist getting her all dolled up for the occasion.

We waited out in the cold for twenty minutes before the Easter Egg Hunt started. Luckily, the Easter Bunny came by for a visit to keep the kids entertained.

All the little dots in the grass are eggs. Do you see them? There were tons. This was just the section for kids under 2. They had it broken down by age group which was really nice. Anyway, I just assumed this Easter Egg Hunt would last for at least 20 minutes and that every kid would walk away with a basket full of eggs.

And they're off!

Grace managed to scoop up four eggs. The whole thing lasted 15 seconds - literally. The event started at 10 AM. We were in the car, packed up and headed home at 10:06 AM. Not kidding. We even stopped to pick up a free book for Grace!

Unfortunately, there were some tears because a few unlucky kids didn't get any eggs. You can hear a few of the screams in the background of the video. Court and I had brought a few plastic eggs in our pockets - just in case this had happened to Grace.

Lucky for us, Grace had the practice round at home to get her prepared. She had a great time and so did we! Happy Easter everyone!

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Megan said...

Soooo cute!!!!! I love the little video! She is so crazy cute.