Saturday, April 24, 2010

The BIG Box

**Not sure what is going on with the font in this post. I've been playing around
with it for an hour. I officially give up.***

We like things big around here. Big cars, big pieces of cake, big babies...
you get the idea.
So when it came time for Grace to get a sand box,
we naturally wanted a BIG one!

Too ensure the sandbox was as big as we envisioned, Court decided to build it himself.
What a guy!

It was a true labor of love!

First, Court needed to purchase all the tools, lumber and supplies. Since all the local places were
closed...ON A SATURDAY!!!...Court ended up driving to Yakima. That took alllll daayyyy.

On Sunday, he constructed the box. There was quite a bit of frustration going on at this point because
the instructions he was following told him to get the wrong sized screws...err...nuts...uhh...bolts. Umm...
something was off. I even think I heard him mutter under his breath that we should've just bought a sandbox.
Grace and I went inside to let Court "work things out." I put Grace down for a nap and when
I returned, Court was gone. I assumed he went to get different parts but in the back of my mind I couldn't
help but think of the "crib incident." Luckily, he was home soon - all fingers and toes intact.

Next, it was time to sand and stain.

He hammered and drilled. He even stapled.

He made a trip to the Tri-Cities for a palette of sand (that's 60 bags or 3,000 lbs. people!!)
I told you this was a BIG sandbox!

He unloaded the by one!

Luckily, John Andrew got home just in time to help!

Two weekends later the sandbox was finally complete! I can't tell you how impressed I am!
It is magnificent!

Court showing Grace the ropes!

Back breaking work but worth every second!
Thanks Court for building the best sandbox ever! She's too young to appreciate it now but you just wait!
She will! In the meantime, I do!


The Gimlins said...

Looks great! Good job, Court!

Megan said...

IMpressive!!! AND your next little lady will love it too. AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS! You have the cool place to be. I wish I lived nearby so Paige could partake and mooch. :)

Claudia Olsen said...

Awesome! I hope he built a cover for it too, so it doesn't become a big litter box for the neighbor cats. LOL! I hear Marty found some funny looking tootsie rolls in his sandbox when he was little.