Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Is it me or is this guy a complete asshole? Obviously, he doesn't have kids.

We have a few adventures coming up that involve taking Grace (13 months) on an airplane. While she has been on airplanes before, there is a big difference - a Grand Canyon sized difference - between traveling with an infant and traveling with a toddler. So I've been told.

I am hoping to prevent a meltdown worthy of being posted on the Internet by a perfect stranger (although to my "mom" ears, the tantrum in that video didn't sound that bad) so I' opening it up to you favorite readers. Besides an extra pair of clothes, some diapers, toys and a few snacks, what else can I bring to prevent a toddler meltdown, or more accurately, a mom meltdown, at 30,000 feet?


Megan said...

He'll find out one day. Sucker.
I guess I would have favorite toys and the bottle/something to suck for takeoff/landing (one lady on the plane had a lollipop all set for her toddler). She had disposable changing station covers for the plane (good idea). I put little videos that Paige would like on my Ipod touch...I had Yo Gabba Gabba, NiHao Kailan, Blues Clues...things she didn't know what they were saying but she loves to look at. That kept her occupied as I held it in front of her. It ended up being no big deal. She cried when it was nap time, so she had to fuss it out. She ended up sleeping across our two laps. I had Benadryl on hand to give her in case of an endless meltdown, but it worked out. Also, it helps to have snacks and things she can munch (kills time). We also had a few board books that she loves and showed them to her over and over. Mostly, she just stood in our laps and looked around. We spent a lot of time tickling her. Good luck!!!

Gimlin Family said...

You are right, I have heard much worse crying on a plane. That wasn't bad at all. Plus, this guy has headphones - crank em up if it bothers you that much! Sheesh.

We flew a bit with Kendry in his first few months, which was easy, but will be flying to AK in June, when he is a toddler. Good times!

novant said...

Having just returned from traveling with a 3mo and a 3yo that crying was NOTHING!! That attitude will comeback to haunt him for sure!

Just get you mommy glare and middle finger ready for any a-holes you come across during your travels. You and Grace will do great and cocktails do help (Benadryl for Grace and vodka for you).

Love you blog.