Friday, January 22, 2010

The Barn is Back

I'm still not in love with the layout but I think we're getting think? I've been focusing on the layout over the content lately because - well - I don't have much to say.

Perhaps it's a case of writer's block? I'd like to blame it on the gloom and doom of winter but I can't. It's been 50 degrees out and nothing but sunshine. Rough.

Perhaps nothing notable to say? Well, I could tell you about...
  • what I made (or didn't make) for dinner this week,
  • how I employed a new toy organizer system (and found the one of my dreams - yes, my dreams now include toy storage systems),
  • how the dogs are "retaliating" from being left at home last weekend while we were in Seattle by peeing five minutes after I've let them in from a potty break (FUN) and
  • the four, ENORMOUS, painful, inexplicable pimples that have broken on my chin.
But really, who wants to hear about any of that?

Instead, I will end the week with something that made me smile. And who couldn't use a smile?

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