Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I remember people telling me before my wedding to cherish that day because it goes by sooo fast. To absorb all the details because soon it would be only a distant memory and just a picture on the wall. (Speaking of wedding pictures, we just got our first wedding picture framed three years later! Hopefully, we'll be better with pictures of Grace!) I took that advice to heart and really tried to be in the moment at my wedding. I tried to take photographs with my mind so I would never forget the day. I love "flipping" through the photos in my mind from time to time. (However, I am still REALLY glad we hired a videographer because seeing my 16 year old brother drunk on the dance floor is priceless!)

Then, I had Grace and EVERYONE told me that "she would grow up so fast" and to "enjoy each day...each moment." They were right. She is already six weeks old and I can't believe it. Time is flying by and because I can't hire a videographer, I've got to do something to ensure that these "little" memories aren't lost forever.

So, without further ado, a brief update about Grace at six weeks.

For the most part, Grace is a very happy baby. She rarely cries and when she does there is a purpose behind it - hungry, tired, burpies, etc. She smiles ALL the time - even in her sleep! I can't help but wonder what she is dreaming about. Binkys? Mommy? Chocolate Cake?

Grace has already grown out of all of her newborn clothes. (We were out of those at 4 weeks but I just started washing and putting them away today.) So sad! So many tiny, adorable outfits that she will never wear again. (It literally just hit me as I was typing.) She will NEVER be this small again. I will NEVER have time with her again at this this size. I feel like I had to hold a memorial service over each little outfit because a phase of her life has already come and gone. It will only be too soon that she heads off for college. *tear* (Here I go again with the cliches...)

When she does cry, most often it is more like a fuss. Her "big" cry is saved for those few times when Mommy or Daddy don't respond to her demands fast enough. During these rare fits, her cry sounds like a donkey "hee-hawing." It is heartbreaking to see her so upset but you can't help but giggle because it is so darn cute! (Still trying to capture this on video...)

To answer the number one question I am asked whenever out in public - no she is not sleeping through the night. In fact, she is up about 3-4 times a night but usually just to get a quick bite to eat and then it is right back to sleep. That is most nights, but we have had a few all nighters. In fact, just last week she was up from 11:30 pm to 4 am just wide awake. Not fussy. Not hungry. No wet diaper. Just wide awake. I watched the movie Fear starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlburg. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. (Probably not the best movie to watch from any stand point but it definitely caused some trepidations when it comes time for Grace to start dating!! UGH!)

Only six weeks old and she is already one savvy little traveler! At two weeks old, we surprised my parents with a visit! We packed up Grace and made the five hour drive without any problems. Last week, we were in Portland for a few days to do some tax-free shopping. Grace now has the Northwest covered! (At least, the important parts!) Next week, we are heading to Boston. Her first airplane ride and her first trip to the east coast! I am excited to get her accustomed to the airplane sooner rather than later as I am REALLY not looking forward to meltdowns at 30,000 feet.

Other memorable moments that I want to write down so I don't forget:

-Grace has gone out to dinner with us on several occasions and is a total trooper! She usually sleeps the whole time. On one particular evening, we were getting ready to leave the restaurant after we were finished eating and a woman, eating with a baby of her own, asked me how old Grace was? When I responded three weeks she said..."Ohhhh..." in a very wistful voice. Then her entire demeanor changed and she sat straight up. "Give it two months and then you will REALLY HATE motherhood!" Uhhhhhhhhh thanks for the tip crazy lady! How do you respond to that?
-Grace loves riding in the car and her stroller. Almost as soon as she is strapped into her seat, she is asleep! It's too bad her cradle doesn't work the same magic.
-Lots of babies have a hard time taking a bottle but not our Gracie! She chomped right on - no problemos!

Probably a boring entry for most, but because my time is so limited, the blog, in some ways has become a virtual baby book. I haven't started the "brick and mortar" baby book yet (I really hate my handwriting and I am scared to ruin the beautiful pages with my chicken scratch. Type is so much more legible!) but I will get that underway soon. Living in the moment makes it a bit difficult to capture the memories of yesterday. (Like that?! I just had to end this entry riddled with cliches with...yes, you guessed it, another cliche!!

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