Monday, January 26, 2009

The 'Burban

I am officially a soccer mom. Don't fear. I didn't chop my hair and I haven't started wearing tapered jeans (but jeans post-pregnancy are a whole 'nother story to be continued later). I don't even have the requisite soccer player to haul least not yet. What I do have, as of this past Tuesday, is the vehicle of choice of many-a-soccer-mom.

We bought a Suburban. (You thought I was going to say mini-van didn't you??) Yep. A Suburban. (Or a 'Burban as I like to call it - we've even discussed a Maker's Mark bumper sticker). Doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint. *sigh*
Now before you get all "environmental" and guilt trip me with President Obama's inspirational words of us all doing "our part", hear me out. We needed this car. First, we do a lot of driving. 60,000 miles in the last two years! Second, while doing all this driving, we are hauling dogs, parrots, know, the usual...and now kids - or in our case - a kid, over several mountain passes each winter. With children comes all the "stuff" children require like strollers, diaper bags, lots of empty suitcases for the stuff you buy for the baby while visiting said location, etc. It is amazing how much stuff you have to drag around with you once you have a baby. We obviously need more space - see exhibit A below.

Molly, Lindey, Lucky & Chance in the backseat of our old car

Not to mention the fact that we needed something safe. So I agreed to a Suburban and I must say, the thing rocks! I am lovin' my bourban....uhhhh, I mean 'Burban.