Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sneeze

I don't think there is anything cuter on the planet. I literally watch this 100 times a day.

Now for the most embarrassing moment on the planet. Taken the day before I gave birth, maybe this is what caused my water to break the following morning.

Note: I tucked my shirt in for "effect." I didn't run around trying to look like a bowling ball. Unfortunately, that was just one of the natural "perks" of my pregnancy.


Gimlin Family said...

Okay, I find your belly dance video hilarious! And I especially got a kick out of the tucked-in shirt cuz we all know its not the most stylish look for pregnant women - and yet you pull it off so well! :) I had an undershirt tucked in and had a hoodie over it when I flew home from AK the other day, completely forgetting that I would be required to take off the hoodie at security. I untucked that undershirt with amazing speed - no way was I going to strut through security with it awkwardly tucked-in around my swelling belly!

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