Thursday, July 3, 2008

Skin Cancer Scare - Part II

Since the melanoma was removed from my back in December of 2007, I have been vigilant about wearing sunscreen and protecting my fragile skin from more harm. I am also paying special attention to checking in with my dermatologist every six months to continue monitoring for new melanomas.

I thought I had prepared for this appointment much like a dentist appointment. Brushed and flossed regularly so the office visit would result in no cavities. Instead of brushing and flossing, I had obviously worn protective clothing, stayed out of the sun and worn tons of sunscreen. Even with all that, another mole was found on the back of my left shoulder and had to be removed immediately. That makes three removals in six months.

Another fun fact about pregnancy that I recently learned is that the same hormones that cause me to be sick for weeks on end are also responsible for escalating the development of melanomas. (I swear the people who love being pregnant are crazy!!) Since the last appointment in December, I have two new moles that don't look good and that will likely come off after the baby is born. One is on my stomach by my belly button so there goes wearing a bikini. Hmmmm....maybe that is a blessing in disguise.

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