Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do door-to-door vacuum salesmen still exist?

Apparently they do because one came to my door yesterday! He was hawking Electrolux vacuums, air purifiers and some other devices no one needs to sell door-to-door. When I told him I had a vacuum and was quite happy with it, he noticed my baby bump. Pulling on the heart strings of a new mother-to-be, he started rattling off facts and numbers about babies and allergies and how a new state-of-the-art air purifier would save my unborn baby from sinus problems and lung complications. Potentially true but did this strange man really think I was going to let him into my home to show me a HEPA filter? I mean isn't this why we have the internet?? So we don't have to waste time, energy and gasoline to buy a new vacuum!! This guy drove all the way from Yakima - an hour away - to try and sell me and a few other lonely souls out here in the sticks a new vacuum. I thought we lived too far out for this door-to-door stuff (we never get any trick-or-treaters) but it looks like we are still fair game. I am expecting the Mormons any day now!


Molly said...

I know how to get you on the Mormon call list...I have connections :)

Robin said...

Maybe he got lost...I mean, the Schwan (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) man even quit visiting us! And I liked that visit :)
(Or maybe he's desperate for a sale?)
Or...yeah, never mind. Vacuum salesmen are strange.