Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hostage in my House

Morning sickness is still keeping me close to home most days and it hasn't been easy, especially now! Our farmhouse home came fully equipped with a handicap accessible bathroom. Ideal for the elderly and clumsy pregnant women, but not aesthetically pleasing or functional when said pregnant woman finally brings home the human she's been growing for the last nine months. Regardless, we figure a bathtub is a must-have.

So as of this past Monday, we have had workers in the house all day tearing up the old bathroom and prepping it for the new bathtub. Sounds simple and unobtrusive, right? Wrong. When you tear up bathrooms, it requires turning the water off - nearly all day - for several days in a row. For a puking pregnant lady, no running water is a scary proposition. They should be done in about two or three weeks. Should keep life interesting, as if guessing when nausea was going to overwhelm me wasn't keeping it interesting enough.

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