Friday, February 20, 2015

Where Has All the Blogging Gone…Long Time Passing...

Six months and some change since the last post…and every second FLEW by! A sure sign that I am definitely getting older. *sigh* Better than the alternative, I guess.

Clearly, I can't sum up the past HALF year in a single post, but I'll just try to set the stage of where we are…at the moment.

As of today - Grace has lost two teeth, can read, snap her fingers and endlessly asks for definitions while we watch the news. "What does catastrophic mean?" I can actually see her brain "sponging" up knowledge. Kindergarten brings lots of milestones…including late night trips to the doctor for pink eye meds so as to miss as little school as possible because "I'll miss my friends soooo much Mom!"

Bedtime takes twice as long these days. Grace reads one and then I read one but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Soon it will be her under the covers with a flashlight reading well after "lights out!"

Charlotte is our energizer bunny comic relief! She is so darn funny but HATES when people laugh at her…even if they are laughing at her joke. It's complicated. SHE'S complicated…in the best sense of the word. She is as sensitive as she is tough, as strong as she is delicate.  Irony at it's best, no? She LOVES to help but doesn't WANT any help…catch my drift?

Her night gown is on backwards but my God those glasses make her look so sensible. 

We are officially recovering from Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day…with kids. It is so innocent and red and pink. And Valentine's Day happens at a time of the year when I actually have time and energy to "do all the things"!

Both girls had a party in their classroom where they were exchanging Valentine's with their friends. I let them each pick out their Valentine's… 
Grace chose owls and Charlotte chose ladybugs. 

A card just didn't seem like enough! So she and I made ladybug sugar cookies to accompany her valentines! And to wear to her a party? I found some ladybug fabric and made a skirt and found the cutest pattern for a ladybug purse!

I didn't get a pic of Grace's actual Valentine but we made pink owl cookies for the girls and blue owl cookies for the boys! She also got an owl skirt and her little owl purse is seriously the cutest pattern. (I found the patterns on Etsy.) 

The night before Charlotte's preschool party I realized I didn't have anything Valentine-y to wear so I glued a bunch of black "jewels" to a sweatshirt in the shape of a heart. Voila!

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in 2015?!?!

My sister is engaged!
We are so, so happy…can you tell?!
So much fun stuff to do and plan! I've already got the important things underway - 
the bachelorette parties!
You read that correctly!!
P-A-R-T-I-E-S…with an "s"!

Finally, good news/bad news?
This is what the weather has been like...

I don't even feel right posting this picture when the entire east coast is soooo over winter.

It was in the 60s today. Broke a record which is great for moms who want to get outside with their kids but horrible for those of us dependent on snow in the winter for water in the summer. 

Hopefully, I'll be be back before six months passes. If not, catch me on Instagram. It's like miniblogging and takes sooo much less time. You can see my Instragram feed on my blog in the sidebar or you can follow along in the app. 

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