Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekends are No Time for Being Sick

I am trying to get my blogging mojo back. Once upon a time, I had so much to say, so many thoughts - I couldn't blog fast enough. Then, I learned to sew. Things haven't been the same since. When you only have so much "free" time, how do you choose between your favorite pastimes? Not to mention wanting to do things like watch a movie, read a book or {gasp} take a nap. I always have a list twenty miles long of things I want to do or make. That being said, mopping the floors or cleaning the oven never makes the list. Funny how that works, huh?

Court is away for a few days so at least the "heat is off"- literally - on the oven and burners. hehe Dinner was what everyone was craving right at that very moment. All three of us wanted something different so three dinners I did make. Funny how none of us ever crave lean protein or leafy greens, huh? Anyone else have this problem? 

We spent the day in the car traveling to Seattle for my nephew's first birthday party. We were lucky enough to give Court's grandmother a ride to the shindig. It was fun hearing her stories from "yesterday". Made the drive fly by!

I didn't get too many pictures of the birthday boy. He slept through most of the party and had lots of photos taken by the rest of the family. I didn't have the heart to shove my camera in his face even more. My girls had so much fun playing with their cousins but I could see Grace starting to wilt like a flower. She just seemed tired and touchy and teary over the littlest things. 

Both girls slept for the majority of the ride home (while I enjoyed listening to Gone Girl - I am so hooked!) so I figured they'd get home - refreshed and feeling better! I was wrong.

An hour after getting home we were fed and bed bound. Lights out at 7 pm. For all of us. 
Sleep is the best medicine, no?

She woke up still cranky. Eyes watery. Cough thick and raspy. 
So we pulled out the big guns.
Tylenol and movies in bed. 

Bedtime came early again tonight…at Grace's request. She wanted to go to bed. 
When a kid is begging for bedtime at 6 pm, you know they are sick!
Let's hope tomorrow is a new - healthy - day!

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