Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Into the Routine of Summer

Four more weeks. Is it really possible that there are only four more weeks left of summer?!? 
I'm juuust now starting to settle into our summer routine. Our routine this last week has been busy and full but the best kind of busy and full. 

We kicked things off with a visit from Auntie Molly and Chance.

It's not a secret we like dogs around here but Grace needed to shout it from the rooftops…or spell it out in yarn that she carefully and intricately cut.

I'm thinking this might be adapted into our next craft project!

Tennis continues but I have yet to upload the videos. It is awesome and they love it and 
I love watching them love it!

Then there was the swimming. 

Lots and lots of swimming.

Both girls are swimming sans me these days!
I just have to standby and sort out who gets what pool toy. 

Behold. My little mermaids swimming with their tails!

Grace had a pool party to celebrate the end of t-ball season. She was SO excited! Unfortunately, she was only able to swim for a few minutes because there was an "incident" in the pool - if you catch my drift - and the whole thing was cleared. She was beyond disappointed. Reason #2,594 why we need a pool!

Awards were handed out.

We celebrated with pizza! 

My mother's intuition told me a few months back that we were going to be broaching a very important topic in the near future. I stocked up on a bunch of books just to be prepared.
It was a good thing because this past week they came in useful.
Grace and Charlotte peppered me with questions.
We read. We talked.
We are good.
For the moment.

We did a fun project.
Highly recommend. You can find it here.

A break in the weather - only in the mid 90s as opposed to three digits - led us outside to do some blueberry picking. 

We tickled the ivories a bit. 

Grace proudly assembled her Lincoln Log set all by herself. 

And we ended the week with a much needed dinner out.

Grace invented the french fry glove and we ended the night with chocolate cake!

The perfect way to end the week and prepare for the next!
Viva la summer!

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