Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Quick Little Trip and Some Highlights of the Week

Triple digits continues in these parts. Can anyone tell me what it has to be this hot? I mean what is wrong with 85 or 90? ALL winter we wait and dream for sunshine. When it finally arrives, it is SO hot you can't even go outside. Frustrating.

On the rare morning it isn't 90 by 9 am, the girls and I usually go for a walk. They enjoy throwing rocks in the winding canals and the dogs like taking a dip to cool off.

The refrigerator door finally broke. I was on the phone when this occurred and I literally screamed because shards of glass - teeny tiny shards of glass - went flying everywhere. An unopened bottle of sauvignon blanc was lost in the tragedy.

While I cleaned up the white wine/soy sauce/glass shard concoction, I told the girls to go upstairs and play. When it was finally safe for them to return to the kitchen, this is how Charlotte reappeared. 

She thought she was SOO funny!

Grace quickly got involved and Charlotte's "one-man" chicken show quickly turned into this...

a reenactment of the Halloween card we sent out in 2010 - just a month after Charlotte was born!

Look how little they were? How was that possible? How are this big now?!

It is all going by too fast!

On a different note, Court was able to sneak away at the last minute on Saturday. We headed to Seattle for a good steak dinner…and bottle of wine. Afterwards, we ran into the Seafair parade by complete accident. It was huge very lively, lasted a long time but was fun! 

The original plan was to head back home the next morning but we talked ourselves into staying just a bit longer. Long enough to watch America's favorite past time…Mariner's baseball!

It was a sunny Seattle day and we had seats high on the third baseline.
In the sun.
The girls got hot pretty quick so we tried settling them into the game with a tub of cotton candy.

Believe it or not, they are the only girls on Earth that don't like cotton candy. 

Back to the concession stand we went…this time for dots. (fancy baseball stadium ice cream)

I got hot too and cooled down with this gem.

The ice cream bought us some time but we were in the direct sun and the girls were hot. 
Already having been up and down three times for snacks, sunscreen and a bathroom break, I decided to  pull out the big guns.

New Mariner's paraphernalia bought us silence - and stillness - for over two hours!
Worth every over priced penny if you ask me!
Plus, they looked pretty darn cute if you ask me.  

After the game, it was back to reality and for the girls, back to tennis!

They just love it and come out so proud of themselves!

Hard to believe another month is coming to a close. Grace officially starts kindergarten in 27 days…but who's counting?!


Julia said...

Great photos! It looks like you all are having a wonderful summer! I adore Charlotte's grey sweater! Where is it from? And the matching Ralph Lauren shirts are darling.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Julia! Hi there! The sweater is Cherokee for Target! It took me forever to track down the sweater. Charlotte had "put it away!"