Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Rut

I know it is summer and all and we should be relishing in the sunshine, but I just feel bleah. Maybe it is because of Grace's casts. Maybe it is because we no longer have a swimming pool - I feel the absence of the pool more than I ever thought I would. Maybe it's the fact that I've been unpacking boxes for two solid weeks, stopping my 'work' every 15 minutes to make a snack, referee a fight, hold the chickens or whatever else the girls can scrounge up for an idea to interrupt me.

They are bored. I need a change of pace. But what? Where? I want to get this house 'finished' in the sense that I want all boxes unpacked and everything put away. I want some organization. I keep telling myself that it will get there - and it is - but just not fast enough. Not without interruption, angst, irritation and a few curse words under my breath.

Grace, bless her heart for being such a trooper, has to be sick of the casts. I'm sick of those casts and they aren't even on my feet! She has been a bit more emotional and a bit more needy. I feel like my reserves are nearing empty on ability to give emotionally. I swear if a child of mine cries one more time when they don't get the blue cup or that the pancake I so artistically and loving sculpted into the shape of a bunny doesn't resemble her own stuffed animal, I might come unglued.

While everyone else is camping and splashing in the pool, my girls and I are barely holding on. I think things will turn for the better once Grace and Charlotte can return to normal activities. I hope. In the meantime, 10 sleeps until the casts come off. So close, yet so freaking far!


Julia said...

I am so with you... total rut here, too. Oh, a change of pace would be sooooo nice. How I would love to hop on a plane and end up some place nice and sunny and different. It has practically rained here every day for the last two months. And if it's not raining, it's like 100 degrees and so humid you can't stand to be outside. Yes, Yes, total rut here.

Amy said...

I feel your pain! I remember when my youngest was in a half body cast, and we were nearing the time for it to come off. It seemed to take forever for that day to arrive. But it did finally, and your day will come too.:-) Hang in there!
Though I am shocked that you are not able to make bunny pancakes look exactly like their stuffed bunny, LOL. I have those impossible requests thrown at me too. It can be very frustrating to say the least.