Thursday, July 11, 2013

Animals Everywhere!

We were able to squeeze in another visit to Bill's Berry Farm...gosh, was that a week ago? All the days are starting to blur together. Wake up. Feed animals. Unpack boxes. And repeat. I used to wake up early just for some quiet me time. Now I am up early just to make sure all the mouths get fed!

We were first in line for the homemade doughnuts as I wanted to get home before the heat kicked in AND I wanted to make progress on the house. Some family was rolling into town and I wanted to hide the chaos as much as possible. 

The plan was to get the doughnuts and dash. But...Grace wanted to ride a pony and how could I say no to that simple request. All she's asked for all summer is a shower and I can't give her that...not at least for 15 more day (who's counting?!?!) so I ponied up for the pony ride!

I caught Charlotte deep in thought here - probably thinking about how she could finagle a pony for her birthday - but they both loved riding the horses. The inevitable conversation about getting a horse did come up. As a certain grandmother recently went on a horse riding trip, I've deferred all horse-buying conversations to her! Have fun Manna!

Speaking of animals, five chickens still remain

I'm not certain about this one. This chicken, named Jellybean, was never the cutest thing to begin with. Her hook-beak complete with witch warts is far from cute. 

Throw in the fact that she has the most enormous 'side-bite' - 
if that is a thing - known to all chicken kind. 

 I have no idea what this means for a chicken. I haven't googled it yet but I imagine it can't be good. In fact, I noticed this very morning that the other chicks noticed Jellybean's challenged beak because they were pecking at it!! Broke my heart! 

OK...I am off to feed more animals...

I mean my family...and then the animals.  

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