Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a Little Love

We celebrated Valentine's Day this year early....early in the morning that is!

All of our special celebrations tend to fall on school days when I am the parent helper! 
So to make sure we got to celebrate, I got up at 4 am, sprinkled a little love around the living room and then woke the girls up to get the celebrating "on the road"...if you know what I mean!

The girls awoke to a special breakfast table set just for them! There's just something about waking up to your special surprises as opposed to waiting the whole day. 

I made little heart boxes for each girl that contained special candy treats!

I'll have to get a picture of the sides. The sides are what are really fun!

A few little treasures from Mommy and Daddy and Grama and Grampa...namely Lady and the Tramp so we have something new to watch listen to in the car. 

And we found a special deal on DIY mailboxes at Wal-Mart that we couldn't resist!

Grace helped with the stickers.

A few flowers, the traditional doilies and BOOM you are in the mood for Valentine's day!

I didn't have time to run to the store to get fresh donuts with red and pink sprinkles - that was the original game plan - so I opted for the powdered sugar kind (not valentine's day-y but the girls LOVE them) and some heart shaped toast with peanut butter. And just so it wasn't all junk food...some strawberries too!
As soon as Grace saw the donuts she thought Elfie - our Elf on the Shelf - had come to stay with us again. Remember our North Pole Breakfast??

All in all, our Valentine's Day was special, fun and quick!
Off to clean up all that powdered sugary goodness and head to school!

Hope you had a fun day!

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Julia said...

So sweet! You made Valentine's Day so fun for your little ones! Love it!!