Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anyone who knows me gets inundated with cards at just about every holiday. I have a small obsession with cards and with the mail. (I consider it doing my part to save the USPS from bankruptcy). 

Valentine's day is no exception and now that Grace is in school and has friends...I figured we should do something special and fun.  And I couldn't leave Miss Charlotte out! So here is what the girls are giving to friends and family this year.

I got the idea here. When I saw the article in the magazine, I knew we had to do it! To make it that much better, we had ALL the stuff...even the PVC pipe! (Another reason I love living on a farm!)

I took the pictures one afternoon after nap time. Charlotte had a particularly hard time waking up that day and our "photo shoot" was a bit of a disaster but it just made for a "better" final product. hehe The background was what I used at Grace's Hello Kitty party and the girls already had the heart t-shirts (hard to see in these pictures!)

I spent a few dollars on scrap book paper and suckers and BOOM!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you have a very sweet day!


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