Monday, November 15, 2010

Sooo Busy - We're Sick!

I realize I haven't been in this space lately. Can I just say things have been busy? And it isn't even the kids keeping me hopping...well at least not until Saturday night when Grace AND Court both came down with something awful.

Watching Beauty and the Beast for the second time in the same day.

Grace was up all night Saturday vomiting - every 15 minutes. I slept by her side the whole night - wiping away the vomit, stripping off the wet clothes and blankets, putting new sheets and towels on the bed/floor (we ended up sleeping most of the night on the floor in her room). Court was right there - helping the whole night - regardless of being sick himself. What a trooper! Charlotte - who has been nothing but a great sleeper - decided that same night that she was not going to cooperate with our bedtime routine anymore and basically screamed until 11 pm. Luckily, she still likes to sleep (once she falls asleep) and slept until 8 am - waking only once for a quick feed!

This is the first time Grace has been sick - REALLY sick and it is just awful. It breaks my heart every time she throws up because she feels awful and doesn't understand why.
As soon as we kick this bug, I am hoping to get some posts up here. So much has been going on. Charlotte has her 2 month appointment tomorrow - 2 MONTHS!! - and I can't wait to hear her stats! She is growing like a weed. Pics and more to follow soon...hopefully!


The Gimlins said...

Yikes! I hope thats not what Kendry has - he has fought a high fever the last three days and has vomited twice.

I hope your household is feeling better soon!

Claudia Olsen said...

Sorry you guys are sick. We're thinking about you and hope you feel better soon!