Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Fair

Yesterday, I had a doctor appointment. Everything looks perfect with #2. It was a good visit - for her. My nurse, not my doctor, MY NURSE, made several comments about my weight gain. Many of them accompanied by a sneer. Apparently, I gained 10 lbs. since my last appointment six weeks ago..... "A lot" according to this woman who looked like she was going to blow away in the breeze. The nurse who broke this news told me I needed to watch it - walk more, eat less, NO DESSERTS! Apparently, she hasn't been listening to me at all during my many appointments (she was my nurse while pregnant with Grace). I get sick if I exert myself too much, get too hot or eat anything that my stomach even slightly disagrees with. It was like she thought I was on this mission to gain as much weight as possible while pregnant. Little does she know, I'm just trying to survive. Just trying to get through each day, hoping that will be the day I finally feel normal again. I mean really...give up desserts?!?! Now she's just talking crazy.

In other news, #2 is kicking and moving and wiggling up a storm. So much so, that I feel like this kid is going to be running before she can hold her head up. I started feeling her movements a few weeks ago but Court was able to feel them for the first time last night. It will be interesting to see how Grace reacts to the kicks when the get strong enough for even her detection. She still has no comprehension that I'm pregnant, that she will have a little sister or that that little sister lies safely in my tummy. Grace is just infatuated with my ever expanding bebo.

After receiving the confirmation from my medical professional that I am indeed huge, UGH, I woke this morning to find this on my Facebook page.

Molly is in Egypt - amongst the pyramids!!!!!

Here it is again a bit zoomed...

Pyramids...pregnant....pyramids...pregnant!??!?! At least someone is having a good day! Yay Molly!

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