Monday, February 22, 2010

What is #2?

I TOTALLY thought Grace was going to be a boy. I was convinced! The morning sickness didn't sway me. (Little thinking happens in the midst of endless bouts of nausea.) Court was over-the-moon excited...said he didn't care what the gender was although deep down I think he thought we were having a boy too. My mom - from the moment I told her I was pregnant - declared the baby a girl! She didn't waiver. She was right!

With this pregnancy, I have NO idea what the gender of #2 is. There is no inner voice from within saying I'm a boy or I'm a girl. Court again is just over the moon excited (although he IS a bit concerned about Hop harvest) and the clairvoyant herself, my mom, has been mum in the department of gender predictions. We are all at a loss.

At only 10 weeks in, we still have 10 weeks to go until we can find out the sex. I CAN'T wait to find out! CAN - NOT - WAIT I tell ya! I think what excites me the most is finding out whether Grace will have a baby sister or a baby brother. Either would be amazing! I am glad I don't have to choose!

Do you have any predictions? I've created a little poll. Should we put some money on this?!

For those of you who get the email version, click here to cast your vote!


T.C.+ M. said...

You know if you decide to do sequencial screening they usually have higher quality ultrasound machines for the higher risk moms (you dont have to be high risk to do it.) we did our with a maternal fetal medicine group and found out the sex at 13 weeks! check it out! totally worth it for those of us who love to PLAN!

Risley said...

Im going to vote BOY!
on a side note.. your husband is a hop harvester?
what kinds?
my hubby just started making beer!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I found you on top mommy blogs! Looking forward to reading your posts! I found out at 14 weeks with my boys during my nuchal screen!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

I am gonna have to look into this early test! Thanks you guys!