Friday, June 5, 2009


Blogging has taken a back burner the last few weeks as we approach Court's busy season. We wanted to sneak in as much family time as possible and unfortunately, Court and Grace don't like hanging out in front of the computer as much as I do!

I was able to get a few posts up in the month of May but here are a few that never made it online (because I ran out of time, energy, hands, etc...).

I had a fabulous first Mother's Day! I received some beautiful cards from friends and family but this one, from my sister, was particularly funny.

On the inside it says, Not to mention prettier!

Grace got me a shiny balloon that is STILL floating around the living room.

Court got me the second book in the Twilight series which I devoured in about 2 days! (Another reason I haven't been blogging.) If you haven't read the Twilight series, I highly suggest listening to all the hype. I was leery at first too...teenagers? vampires? But it is SO good! Trust me! I am seriously considering springing for the third book even though it is currently only in hard back and costs about $25. If I wait until August 4, I can get it for $8 at Wal-Mart. August 4 also happens to be Court's birthday. Hmmm....maybe I can kill two birds with one stone?? Nothing says Happy 32nd Birthday better than a book about teenage vampires falling in love, right?

Anyway, we spent Memorial Day weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho. A quick seven hour drive turned into a 10+ fiasco. Grace didn't want to sleep in the car. She didn't want to be in the car - period. I think I have now stopped at every exit between here and Boise at this case you were wondering, there is a great truck stop bathroom right outside Ontario. Cleanest public bathroom I have EVER been in. We eventually made it and spent a fun, relaxing and warm weekend eating and drinking.

Grace picked up a new trick by watching Dad and his beer.

After returning from Idaho, I headed over to Seattle to hang out with my mom and sister...and to get a few more moles removed. Somehow, I didn't take any pictures which just goes to show how busy we, eating, drinking and mole removing. We had a great time and I am happy to report that none of the moles were cancerous! Yeee haw!

After being in Seattle a few days, my mom came back to my house. She offered to babysit so Court and I could go out to dinner, just the two of us, for the FIRST TIME since Grace was born! (5.5 months to be exact!) It was a true date night - Court brought me roses!

Though I did feel slightly "naked" not having to balance a baby with one hand while shoveling food into my mouth with the other, we were able to have a wonderful, relaxing evening as we were sure that Grace was in good hands. When we got home, I wasn't sure who had more fun - Grace or my mom!

We squeezed in time to have Grace's "six month" photo session while my mom was in town. Although Grace is only 5.5 months, I wanted her to have some pictures taken with her Grammy. When I get the proofs, I will share them with you by posting them to the blog. And when I say share, I of course mean that I will carefully screen them and then share with you only the "good" ones (aka the ones where Grace looks like a Gerber baby and I look like I've lost all the baby weight!) Stay tuned!

We are officially caught up! Let the June postings begin!

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